Remove Ask Toolbar

Ask Toolbar

Many freeware products such as Java include a special installer for the Ask toolbar and if you overlook the “decline” button or “tick box”, then there’s a good chance you installed it on your Google Chrome, FireFox or Internet Explorer browser without our knowledge.  

Java is a common installer that will install the Ask toolbar on your computer if you are not careful.  If you are in a hurry, and click “Next” without unticking the boxes, it will install the toolbar.

Installing Ask Toolbar

This can be frustrating because the Ask Toolbar does several things that can be very annoying, frustrating and can even compromise your personal information.

  • It can see every website you visit
  • It can access ALL the data on your computer
  • It can redirect your homepage
  • It can redirect “new tabs” to the Ask search page
  • It can slow your browsing on the Internet

In fact, if you go to the extensions area of your browser and click on the “Permissions” for the Ask Toolbar, you will see the following:

ask toolbar permissions


One of the problems with uninstalling toolbars like this one by using free software is they leave behind hidden files throughout your computer which can be VERY difficult for even an experienced PC user to find.   These hidden files can still play a role in causing computer issues and personal privacy which is why they HIDE them.

If you have tried to remove the Ask toolbar extension from your browser, you may have noticed that you are still directed to the homepage and even when you open new tabs.

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